What Type of Remote Control Airplane Should You Fly Out in a Field

What Type of Remote Control Airplane Should You Fly Out in a Field

“My soul is in the sky,” Shakespeare wrote in his “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and I couldn’t agree more: the ultimate feeling of freedom for me is when I take my airplane in the air and fly it over an open field. It’s the perfect sensation: to be out there and enjoy a great day of flying. Any RC bird fan knows the thrill and wants to experience it as often as possible. So whether you’re a beginner in the area or an old-timer, you should check the best RC airplane choices for flying out in a field and get one of your own.

The best RC birds for having fun outdoors are the acrobatic ones, dedicated to those with excellent flying control skills. If the question is “electric or gas powered?” here’s the accepted clarification: the electric RC airplanes are usually lighter, quieter and more comfortable to carry; also, they do not need vast areas for flying. But the gas powered RCs have more power and can be better handled on windy weather. The RTF aircrafts are perfectly suitable for operating in open space and also widely available on the market. In fact, the sales in this area have increased due to the evolution of technology that made these electric airplanes smaller and easier to control. Another advantage of these RC park flyers is that they are quiet, which makes them great for public parks or private fields, sports fields or even large backyards.


One of the best outdoor RC planes is the HobbyZone Sports Cub S RTF. The best RC airplane reviews call it a good start for beginners but also a trusted friend for the more experienced pilots. It’s small, lightweight and resistant to impacts, a feature that ensures its durability. The 3-channel HobbyZone Champ is another good choice, perfect for learning how to enjoy the freedom of flying right in your backyard. It is compact and durable and comes all in a box. The Sportsman S+ satisfies all levels – beginner, intermediate and experienced – and it comes with a virtual fence which prevents the aircraft from flying too far away. It can withstand impacts and has the landing assistance function which really helps new pilots.

The Duet RTF HBZ5300 is an excellent trainer as well: it features the virtual instructor technology; it is small, light and quiet. The Delta Ray RTF Airplane Safe Technology Vehicle offers a progressive learning experience and a panic mode function meant to stabilize the aircraft if you lose control. Leveling the flight is just a push of a button away! The experienced pilots will enjoy the flight mode that lets them explore the incredible performances of this RC aircraft. They can also try the Wltoys F959 Sky-King, a must-have for those of us looking for the ultimate thrill. It’s a robust and reliable bird, with the necessary construction to survive crashes. Due to its LED lights, you can fly this RC at night too, which I promise it will be a great experience especially if the field where you’re flying is far away from the city lights.

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Indoor Flying/Meetings

Hello Everyone,

Good news. We finally have an indoor gym to fly in this winter!

It is now held at the Middle Township Middle School (behind the high school) on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm. Our meetings will also be held at the same school in the cafeteria on the 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 6pm. Please see the calendar on the website for exact dates. For those that don’t know how to get to the school, the directions are below:

From exit 10 of the parkway, head east on Stone Harbor Blvd.
Turn right onto Bayberry Dr. just before Kindle Ford.
Drive about 1 mile and turn left onto East Pacific Ave.
Once you turn left onto East Pacific, drive about one block and you will see a parking lot and the middle school sign. It’s the building on the east side of the parking lot. The entrance to the gym is on the left hand side of the main doors. Any questions feel free to call me.

Matt Dykhouse
Club President

Work Detail

Hello fellow members!

We need as many hands as we can get, Saturday October 28th 9am at the field. We will be install our new runway fabric. Please bring a hammer if you can (rubber mallet would be best) to install the spikes. It will be a 30’x150’ runway. The field will be rolled the day before.

One of our members is selling there aircraft. Details as follows:

Avistar Elite Ready to fly – Never flown!
.46 Nitro including 2 gallons of fuel
Receive and Transmitter
Prop starter with battery
Asking 350$

If anyone is interested contact me and I will get there info.

Matt Dykhouse
Club Presdient

Toys for Tots Funfy

Want to have a blast flying and support a great cause at the same time? Then this post is for you. On October 7th the W.A.S.P. RC Club will hold it’s annual Fun Fly to benefit the Toys for Tots Organization. Come out for a fun day of flying, along with all the usual Fun Fly stuff like free food and drinks, lots of planes, heli’s and multirotors, streamer chases, a full fpv track for racing, raffles and 50/50, and fun and games for people of all ages. Landing fee is one unwrapped toy, or cash donation to the Toys for Tots organization. All are welcome, but you must be an AMA member to fly. Please come help the W.A.S.P RC club help this wonderful organization. (Thank you Steve for the wording.)