2012 WRAM Expo

Hey gang, images have been uploaded from the 2012 WRAM show that I took. You can view them in the photo gallery HERE. We had a great time with lots of stuff to see, old and new! If you went and took pictures as well, send them my way and I will get them added to the gallery as well. Till next time.

Toys for Tots Award

The W.A.S.P. Club has received an plaque from Toys for Tots Coordinator Mr. David Burton. They were very appreciative on the support the got from us. I personally thank everyone who was able to support there cause. We have a fun-fly planned again on September 8th.

Thanks Everyone

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that made it out to the fun fly today and sweet flying. Turned out to be a great day with some wind. Look at the bright side, we didn’t have to shovel any snow (yet). I’m looking forward to another great season of flying. See you out at the flight line!

Club President