Academy of Model Aeronautics Expresses Concern Over “Drone” Incident at JFK

A new challenge faces model aviation

The efforts of the AMA’s Government Relation Team has been focused on safety in the airspace and the FAA’s effort to regulate the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). Through a collaborative effort, the AMA has ensured the FAA of its priority of safety throughout the organization, with the implementation of AMA guidelines for recreational model aviation.

Today new challenges-centered on the public’s reasonable expectation of privacy and the use of UAS to infringe on that expectation-face recreational model aviation. This new focus on civil liberties and privacy issues relating to the use of domestic unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the US will continue to be monitored by the AMA.


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Hello Everyone!! I hope everyone have a great Christmas.
I wanted to remind everyone that we will be having our annual Numb-Thumbs fun-fly on January 1st starting at 9 A.M. Depending on the weather, hopefully we can get some fly time in.

Membership forms have been sent out. If you did not get one, you can print it out from our website or let me know I can send you another.

Hope to see out there if not have a great New Year!

Matt Dykhouse
Club President

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