May Minutes

Club Meeting: May 18, 2017

Meeting was held at the Middle Township Elementary School and called to order at 6:15PM, with 8 members present. Members names recorded by Matt Dykhouse.

Treasurer’s Report

Total funds available; $2345.00

The total number of active members (dues paid) as of this date is 36.

Old Business.

Matt – Thanks to all the members who helped with the construction of the solar charging shed. It is now fully functional and the use of the charging terminals should be self-explanatory. Matt also related that the landlords are very happy with the way the shed turned out and how it looks. A question was raised as to the left-over materials and trash. Mike Welz will be taking care of this and removing same.

No other Old Business at this time.

New Business

Matt – The Fun-Fly is scheduled for Saturday, June 17th, with a raid date set for June 24th. As in the past, barbecue will include hot dogs and hamburgers, raffle prizes and 50-50 drawing. Also, Alma, the landlord will be setting up table(s) to sell items from her farm co-op.

Leon Staniec – Mentioned that Steve Corwonski’s girlfriend has made up flyers that can be posted locally. Hank had advised that the fun fly was not advertised in the AMA magazine due to the publication deadline being three months prior to the event.

No other New business at this time.

Motion to Adjourn

Passed, at 6:29PM.

Submitted by,
Al Barnett, Secretary