March Meeting

Club Meeting: March 16, 2017

Meeting was held at the Middle Township Elementary School and called to order at 7:42PM, with 14 members present. Members names recorded by Matt Dykhouse.

Treasurer’s Report:

Total funds available; $2944.25

The total number of active members (dues paid) as of this date is 33.

Old Business:

Matt – Reminded members that the work detail for the Solar shed project is set for this coming Saturday, March 18th, weather permitting. The forecast is for rain as of now. Warren advised that he has delivered approximately 35, 8 inch square bricks to the field that can be used as supports footings. There was some discussion as to the exact size and location of the shed and of the landlord’s final approval as to whether or not the shed can remain. Hank brought up the prior suggestion of placing some small trees or shrubs around the shed to make it look better. The start time of the detail was set for 10AM.

Matt – Reminded members also that Makers Day was scheduled for March 25th, and members planning to attend should arrive at the library around 9AM to set up. Warren Crunden advised that he has model kits and white board for table protectors, glue and also several drones that can be flown by any of the kids attending the event. Steve Corwonski advised that he will bring a laptop computer and flight simulator for use by event attendees. He also will provide a 4-way power supply for charging any devices.

New Business:

Matt – Brought up the scheduling of the June Fun Fly and selecting a date. After some discussion, as to available dates and other events, the decision was made to schedule the Fun Fly for Saturday, June 17th. June 24th was set as the rain date. Hank reminded that the raffle prizes from the Toys for Tots Fun Fly, that was cancelled last November, would be used in June.

Matt – Requested that anyone having receipts for club expenses, turn them in for reimbursement. Warren advised that he had a receipt but had not brought it to the meeting and would turn it in later.

Motion to Adjourn:

Passed, at 6:58PM.

Submitted by,
Al Barnett, Secretary