January Minutes

Club Meeting: January 19, 2017

Meeting was held at the Middle Township Elementary School and called to order at 7:06PM, with 15 members present. Members names recorded by Matt Dykhouse.

Treasurer’s Report:

Total funds available; $3489.60.
The lease for the field, for 2017 was paid on Saturday, January 14, 2017.
The total number of active members (dues paid) as of this date is 23.

Old Business:

AMA dues are due by January 31, 2017.

Matt – Solar shed project, the question was raised as to start work now or wait until spring and warmer weather. The suggestion was made to set a date now for March. After a discussion as to dates and other events, a work detail was scheduled for March 18th, starting at 9AM.

Additional discussion as to the availability of a portable generator for work on the shed. Warren and Mike W. indicated that they had access to and could provide one for the work detail. The plan for the project was explained as cutting the two deck sections to size and joining them together, then re-attaching the side wall panels. The deck could be left on the ground or put up onto blocks to be leveled out. The suggestion was made and agreed upon to use any leftover wood to build additional tables for the field.

Matt – The project of replacing the stone in the driveway was brought up. After a discussion, it was decided to hold off on this until after the solar shed has been completed.

New Business:

Matt – The WRAM show is back on again. Previously cancelled, the AMA has now agreed to sponsor the event. Admission fee is $15 and the dates are February 24th through the 26th.

Matt – The June fun-fly was brought up and the question as to setting a date was raised. Hank advised that we only needed 3 months lead time to have the notice placed in the AMA magazine. It was decided to address this at a subsequent meeting. Also, Matt related that Alma, the landlord, had requested to be notified of the date and had asked to set up a table for selling food products that she makes, jellies and jams etc.

Warren – The question was raised about the Makers Day event and whether the club was going to participate again this year. Steve W. advised that he would confirm the date of the event but believed it was scheduled for March 25th. Warren advised that he would get information on purchasing the airplane kits that were given out at last year’s event. There was also some discussion as to getting a small quad copter for the kids attending to fly.

Mike W. – Raised the question as to treating the field for moles and voles. Chris Thraen advised that any treatment would be done between May and September. This issue can be discussed at a future meeting.

Motion to Adjourn:

Passed, at 7:27PM.

Submitted by;
Al Barnett, Secretary