Club By Laws


Article 1 Name
Section #1 The name of this association, by virtue of its certificate of incorporation, date June 15, 1987, is Cape May County WASP (WIRELESS AIRCRAFT SPORT PILOTS) Radio Control Club, Inc. of New Jersey.
Section #2 Wherever the word “club” shall appear in this Constitution and By-Laws, it shall refer to the association described in Article I, Section #1, above.

Article II Objective
Section #1 This club is dedicated to the advancement of the sport of Radio Control Modeling and to promote comradery and fellowship.
Section #2 The objective of this club shall be pursued by the construction and operation of radio-controlled models (primarily of aircraft) and through club meeting, conferences, committees and projects.
Article III Policies
Section #1 This club shall be operated as a non-profit organization and shall be non-partisan and non-sectarian.
Section #2 This club shall cooperate with other radio control associations whose objectives are in agreement with the provisions described in Article II, Section #1.
Section #3 This club, at its discretion, may operate with and lend such assistance as required to any responsible civic groups or educational institutions provided such assistance has been deemed by the membership to be of mutual benefit to the parties concerned.
Section #4 In the event that the club is dissolved, all remaining club assets and/or monies in the club treasury shall be divided equally among the existing members after all outstanding debts are satisfied.
Article IV Membership
Section #1 Membership in the club shall be open to any AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) member, subject to the provisions set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws.
Article V Officers
Section #1 The elected officers in this club shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and safety officer.
Section #2 Should any elected officer neglect or be found incompetent in the discharge of his duties, he shall be subject to removal of office. Removal from office shall be accomplished by two-thirds majority vote of members present and voting at any regular business meeting provided petition for vote for removal has been presented to the club officers, in writing, signed by five members in good standing. This written petition must have been delivered to the membership not later than the occasion of the previous business meeting. The officer in question shall be notified by certified mail.

Article VI Amendments
Section #1 Proposed amendments to this Constitution must be offered in writing, signed by five members, at any regular business meeting of the club. Written notice of proposed amendments must then be provided to the membership prior to the next regular business meeting and no action on proposed amendments shall be taken until said provisions are met. A two-thirds majority vote of the members present and voting shall be required for approval of the proposed amendments.

Article I Membership
Section #1 Senior Membership- Any person desiring senior membership in this club must be willing to uphold its Constitution and subscribe to its by-laws and shall so state, in writing, as provided in Appendix I of these By-Laws (Application for Membership, Official Club Form). Applicants for senior membership shall be 18 years of age, or older, and shall possess current AMA card.
Section #2 Junior Membership- Provisions for applicants desiring Junior Membership in the club shall be as described in Article I, Section #1 of the By-Laws, except that the applicant must be 17 years of age or younger. Junior members under the age of 18 pay no dues. A senior member can sponsor junior members whose parents are not members.
Section #3 Associate Member- Associate Members do not have to possess a current AMA card. Associate Members shall have all the rights and privileges of regular members except:
Shall not hold any elective office
Shall not have voting privileges
Shall not fly
Section #4 Application for Membership- Application for Membership shall be made on an official form of the club as provided in Article I, Section #1 of these By-Laws, signed by the applicant. This application shall be presented to the club at a regular business meeting or mailed in and shall be announced to the membership present. It shall be mandatory for any new applicant to have received a current copy of the Constitution and By-Laws prior to filling out and signing of the official application form.
Section #5 Provisions for Applicants (Additional) – Any member who falsifies his application shall immediately be dismissed from membership without recourse. Such applicant shall forfeit any and all fees paid to the club prior to discovering the falsification of application. The applicant shall be notified, in writing, of the club’s action.
Section #6 AMA License – It is mandatory for all flying applicants to possess a current and valid membership AMA card.
Section #7 Removal from Membership- Any member found not in keeping with the policies and objectives of the club shall be subject to removal from membership. Removal from membership shall be accomplished by a two-thirds majority of members voting at any regular business meeting provided a petition for a Vote for Removal has been presented to the club officers, in writing, signed by five members in good standing. Written notice for the Vote for Removal must have been delivered to the membership not later than the occasion of the previous business meeting. The member in question shall be notified by certified mail.

Article II Dues
Section #1 Amount of Dues- Due fees for all members shall be established at the November Meeting for the following year. As of January 1, 2015 dues are $80 per year.
Section #2 Arrears in Dues- All new members joining the club for the September 1st through December 31st shall pay fee based on one-twelfth of annual dues per month up to December 31st. As of June 30th of each year, one half of the annual dues must be current and paid.
Sections #3 Any member serving as a club office will after having successfully served for one year will pay ½ dues for the following year.

Article III Elective Officers
Section #1 Only senior members shall be eligible to hold an elective office in the club. One year minimum tenure as a senior member shall be required to hold office in the club.
Section #2 All elected officers shall reside for a term of one year. No member may hold two elective positions simultaneously.
Section #3 Nomination of officers shall be open at the regular business meetings in October and November only. Nominations may be made by any senior member, officers included. If only one candidate is available for any office the voting may be dispensed with. In this case, the club secretary shall cast one vote for the candidate which shall be considered ta majority.
Section #4 Election of officers shall be held during the regular business meeting in December, No write in or absentee votes will be permitted.
Section #5 All officers shall be installed at the business meeting in January when they have assumed their places at the dais and proceed with the business at hand.
Section #6 Any officer shall have the right to re-election to serve consecutive terms in office and no limit is imposed on the number of consecutive terms they may serve, nor on the types of office they may hold.
Section #7 Nominations and elections of officers to fill un-expired terms shall be held, at the next business meeting following the vacancy, by a majority vote of the members present and voting. The office of president is accepted and the vice president shall fill unexpired term of the president. A new vice president shall be elected at the next business meeting.
Section #8 A board of elections consisting of three non-controlling members, who are not officers, shall be appointed by the president to tabulate and announce the newly elected officers. The actual count shall not be announced.
Section #9 The newly elected president, within 30 days of taking office, shall appoint a committee to audit the treasurer’s books for the preceding year.

Article IV Duties of Officers
Section #1 The president shall preside at all meetings of the club. He shall appoint the chairman of any and all committees necessary for efficient operation of the club and shall oversee their actions. The president shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed in the Constitution and By-Laws or assigned to him by the club.
Section #2 The vice president shall assist the president in every way possible and shall perform the duties of president in his absence.
Section #3 The secretary shall keep, in books provided for the purpose, a correct recording of the minutes of all meetings of the club, attend to all correspondence, and keep safe its records.
Section #4 The treasurer shall keep, in books provided for the purpose, a correct account of all the monies received and dispersed, making no disbursements unless so authorized by the club. All disbursements shall be effected by the treasurer.
Section #5 The safety officer shall be responsible for the enforcement of AMA and club safety rules and shall appoint four deputies no later than 30 days after election to office. The safety officer shall appoint a contest director for specific club functions from the available contest directors who have been licensed by the AMA.

Article V Meetings
Section #1 The regular business meetings of the club shall be held twelve times annually (each month), at a designated meeting place.
Section #2 All meetings of the club shall be opened by the president at 6:00 pm.
Section #3 In the normal conduct of each business meeting the president shall:
1. Call the meeting to order at the prescribed time.
2. Call upon the secretary to read the minutes of the previous meeting.
3. Call upon the treasurer for a fiscal report.
4. Deliver a presidential report, or begin the evening’s agenda, as applicable.
5. Call for and monitor discussions of old business.
6. Call for and monitor discussion of new business.
7. Call for committee reports, when applicable.
8. Adjourn meeting.
In normal conduct of special activities meetings, the president may, at his discretion (if event is scheduled) dispense with items 4 through 7.

Article VI Committees
Section #1 The chairman of any committee shall have the right to seek assistance from the club membership, commensurate with the duties and level of responsibility of that committee, provided approval is granted by the club president.
Section #2 The duties and progress reports of all committees shall be overseen by the club president. A committee shall stand and serve until it has completed its mission. No committee shall be organized out of hand. Prior knowledge of a proposed committee’s intent and approval by club members is mandatory.

Article VII Field Safety Rules and Regulations
Section #1 Rules and regulations concerning the safe operation of R/C aircraft shall be as provided by Appendix 2 (WASP Club Official Field Safety Rules and Regulations) of these By-Laws.

Article VIII Provisions Concerning Guests
Section #1 Flying (R/C Pilot) guests and non-flying (spectator-visitor) guests shall be permitted at any regular flying session of the club, provided that all club field safety rules are observed at all times. It shall be the duty of all club members present to inform guests (flying or non-flying) of all field safety rules, or infractions thereof, and to act when required so that those rules are strictly enforced, Appendix 2 lists the provisions concerning club guests. Guests must also have a sponsor and have AMA membership.

Article IX Visitations of Safety Rules
Section #1 Violations of the field safety rules of this club, and the disciplinary action to be taken (as applicable) are listed in Appendix 2.

Article X Rules Concerning Use of Mufflers
Section #1 The use of mufflers or equivalent is mandatory for all aircraft flown at the club flying site as provided in Appendix 2.


Section #1 General Provisions

1.1 Model operation shall be in accordance with AMA Safety Code.
1.2 Members name and address –OR- AMA number shall be affixed in or on the model.
1.3 AMA membership card must be in the flier’s possession while in the pit area or while flying.
1.4 Only WASP Club members and guests are permitted to fly at the club field.
1.5 No alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted at the field. Any person deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall not fly and will be asked to leave.
1.6 It shall be the duty of all members to actively participate in major activities of the Club, to wit, regular meetings and flying sessions whenever possible. All members shall volunteer for field maintenance and repairs.
1.7 Dues shall be paid in full by December 31st of each year for the following years membership. Any member whose dues are not paid by the deadline will not be allowed to fly until paid in full.
1.8 No damage to farmers’ crops or surrounding property shall be caused by anyone using the club field.
1.9 All members shall remove their trash, broken props, cigarette butts, etc. from the field, pit areas and premises.
1.10 Any new/untested aircraft shall be announced and flown alone on its first flight.
1.11 No more than four aircraft shall be aloft at one time.
1.12 During any official work detail including mowing of the flying field, all flying will be suspended until the detail is completed and all personal working on the detail are off the flying field. Flying will be suspended during funeral service and weddings held at the adjacent church.

Section #2 Radio Control

2.1 All 72 Mhz radios must have the correct frequency flag and pin attached to the transmitter prior to turning on the transmitter.
2.2 All pilots shall perform a ground range check of their radio equipment prior to each flying session.
2.3 Anyone turning on a 72 Mhz transmitter without the control pin in their possession causing another pilot to crash his or her aircraft is liable for all damages and injuries resulting from such crash. The Club offices shall appoint a committee to investigate and rule on the validity of case and to rule upon the maximum amount to be paid (limited to aircraft and hardware replacement cost excluding labor).
2.4 Time limit for use of the control pin shall be restricted to 15 minutes when others are waiting to fly on that frequency.
2.5 All transmitters and receivers used at the WASP club field and organized events shall be certified in accordance with the 1991 AMA guidelines and shall be narrow band.

Section #3 Traffic Control
3.1 Aircraft may be flown from 9:00 a.m. to sunset Monday thought Saturday and 12:00 p.m. to sunset on Sunday.
3.2 All aircraft shall take-off and land in accordance with left or right hand AMA traffic pattern. Wind conditions shall determine the pattern to be used by all pilots or as directed by the safety person.
3.3 All landings must be announced by the pilot and it shall be his/her responsibility to do so loudly and clearly making every effort to inform all persons at the field of his / her intentions. No landing, except “dead sticks” shall be made unless the field is clear of all aircraft and persons.
3.4 Aircraft stalled on the field should be retrieved as quick as possible notifying other pilots before you walk out.
3.5 Starting of engines on the field is prohibited.
3.6 Taxi out directly to the flight line from the starting stands only. Taxiing into the pits is prohibited.
3.7 No low passes shall be made across the direction of take-off.
3.8 Any aircraft in distress shall have the highest priority of landing.
3.9 No flying behind the flight line.
4.0 No flying over route 9.
Section #4 Mufflers
4.1 All fuel / gas engines must have mufflers installed.

Section #5 Operation of engines (testing and adjusting)
5.1 Engine testing shall be allowed at the extreme ends on the field with proper restraint or hold down. The transmitter may not be used unless the control pin for the frequency is available and have been attached to the transmitter.
5.2 Engine testing shall be limited to 15 minutes using a transmitter (with frequency pin attached) and in no case shall exceed 30 minutes on any given day.
5.3 No engine shall be started, for testing or any other reason, while another flier is experiencing difficulty with an aircraft in flight.
5.4 Routine needle valve adjustment prior to flight is allowed in the pit area.

Section #6 Guests
6.1 All flying quests visiting the club field must be sponsored by a club member.
6.2 All flying guests shall have been questioned by their sponsors concerning the possession of a valid AMA card and must produce the same on request. There will be no exceptions.
6.3 At no time will any person who is unknown (not sponsored) be allowed to use the club field. There will be no exceptions.
6.4 Non-flying guests (visitors / spectators) are permitted at any regular flying session, provided the clubs safety rules and regulations are observed.

Section #7 Penalties
7.1 Violations of any of the above rules and regulations will be subject to a 30 day suspension of flying privileges. Two suspension notices to any member will automatically mean expulsion from the club. The club offices shall appoint a committee to investigate and rule on the validity of the case.

Rev. 1/5/15